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Did you know that you are whole in your body, heart & soul?

I am a life coach who supports other people to live their best lives.  I have been stuck in the cement of desperation and depression, unable to ask myself what I want because I was so busy doing for others. Hi, my name is Kelly and:

i help people overcome Barriers so they can achieve what is in their soul!

I worked as a professional in public health for over 35 years, and didn’t know how to let go of my need to be perfect for others until I learned how to love myself. To find out more about my life journey, Click here!

Now I coach others to let go of the mental chatter and mindset that has been holding them back from knowing what they truly want deep inside. I am an Accredited Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation and a Certified Fearless Living Coach (CFLC) and Certified Fearless Trainer (CFT). I have coached with the Regional Institute of Health and Environmental Leadership since 2008. I worked in Public Health for the State of Colorado for over 30 years until 2017. I trained for two years to become a Certified Fearless Living Coach & Trainer with Rhonda Britten, Emmy-award winning author of 4 books and founder of the Fearless Living™ Institute. I help people understand how their specific fears are keeping them from achieving their life goals and dreams. I help my clients overcome challenging life patterns, including burnout and stigma, to thrive and succeed.

My core mission is to support clients to “Be Fearless in Faith in Your Body, Heart and Soul.” My clients define faith in their own way. I use a multi-disciplinary approach to help clients become aware of and master their personal fears, while practicing, in Fearless Living™ terms, “Living the Life Your Soul Intended”. I use proven strategies, personalized homework, and evidence-based practices while subscribing to the International Coach Federation coaching competencies to coach each client forward.

As a coach, I work with individuals, medical practices/organizations, leadership groups, government agencies, and businesses. I have a broad range of clients, in addition to health professionals, who seek my expertise in awareness of internal/external fear and intuition cycles, advanced leadership skills and development, and personal faith awareness.

I facilitate several workshops, including Fearless Life, Fearless Loving, Pathway to Change, Fearless Body and Fearless Faith, and gives Fearless Skills talks online, in addition to my coaching practice.

Above all, I am dedicated to addressing and reducing health stigma through focused work on creating and sustaining Self Compassion and Faith in Body, Heart and Soul.

From My Blog

Cracking the rich code

I am so excited to a coauthor in this new book, Cracking the Rich Code Volume 4!

This book offers powerful, thought-provoking entrepreneurial insights, stories and strategies from a diverse line-up of 20 co-authors from around the world.
Chances are Cracking the Rich Code contains exactly what you need to excel your business into the top 5% in your category worldwide. I am partnering with top peak performance expert Jim Britt and Kevin Harrington from the hit TV show Shark Tank to bring deep and practical strategies that you can use to be fearless in your body, heart and soul. In my chapter, I take you on a Pathstone Meditation Journey to create a pathway for you to create profound change in your life.

I have created meditation keychains and bracelets with the Pathstone Meditation Journey beads especially for you.

The meditation keychain has 14 stone beads that follow the Pathstone Meditation Journey, a gun metal clasp and a black tassel to finish the piece. The meditation bracelet contains a beautiful silver pewter connecting clasp and 20 stone beads that follow the Pathstone Meditation Journey. Schedule a discovery call now with Kelly at   to support your meditation journey and find out how coaching can benefit your life!

Contact me via email for information about my next Pathstone Meditation Webinar.

Embrace Your Burnout!

Kelly has unlocked a number of incredible keys to overcoming your specific challenges at work. Our customized one-on-one approach has helped clients improve their lives, overcome burnout, and become better people. You may be at risk of burnout at work.

Feel Your Fear

Is fear holding you back? Most people are not aware of how much fear controls their every thought, feeling and action. Coach Forward can help you become aware of your fears, reclaim your focus, connect with your purpose and find your inner peace. You have everything you need to live the life journey you are destined for. YOUR future awaits.

Find Your Freedom

Establish your confidence and clarity of purpose in every area of your life. Coach Forward can help you Feel Fulfilled in Your Relationships, Career, Goals and Passions. Let go of limitations and embrace your potential!

To gain more awareness about what you really want out of life, schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call with me

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