Why do Leaders Need to Develop Self-Awareness?


Self-awareness is one of the key traits that make a good leader. It is a skill that has to be developed over the years through self-assessment and credible feedback. Successful people tend to know where their strengths and weaknesses lie. A study What company or reference had THIS STUDY done please? found out that self-awareness … Read more

How to Get the Courage to Take Risks in Life?

Risk Taker

Humans are hardwired to avoid risks. Taking a risky decision can be mentally and at times, physically stressful. We have become so accustomed to going for something and getting rejected, defeated or lost in return, that we assume our failure before we even try. This is where we get convinced by our minds to take … Read more

How To Overcome Mental Burnout?


Life is not the same as it was 50 years ago. There’s more competition, more information available to us, more things that need to be done and more stress than ever. Ideally, nobody should suffer from this, but due to the nature of our jobs, we have to adapt ourselves and learn how to manage … Read more

What are Some Examples of Systemic Racism?

racial issues

Although “traditional” forms of racism are not so commonly seen anymore, there are still ways in which this retrograde mentality is expressed and, unfortunately, infects the structure of our society. You might have heard or read about Systemic Racism before, but most of the time it is a commonly misunderstood term. Very often, explanations come … Read more

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