How To Get Rid Of Overthinking?


Every person who has ever suffered from this unhealthy behavior has asked himself “how not to overthink?”. Thinking about something in endless circles is exhausting at the least, and can lead to serious issues if not addressed properly. It’s a mentally draining and destructive behavior that will often make you feel like you’re stuck in … Read more

5 Caring Habits to Freedom

Life gives you moments of happiness as well as despair. Don’t people always say that? I think the paradox nature of life is a truth we all know but have trouble accepting. Some times, you come across situations where you feel clamped by reality. It feels like you do not hold the choice to the … Read more

What Are The Differences And Similarities Between White Privilege, Black Privilege And Privilege?


From an unbiased point of view, white privilege and black privilege are just symptoms of an underlying problem in our society.  It is understandable that one group of people will feel discontent by not having the same opportunities that another group, just as a kid would feel bad when his sibling is constantly getting more … Read more

How Does One Live a Life of Freedom?


Personal freedom is very subjective. It can mean a large spectrum of things. True personal freedom is to live as your truest self while enjoying what we do without any stress involved. Sadly, freedom is a fantasy; we get so busy with our lives and the obligations that come along with it, that we start … Read more

How to Overcome Fear?


Fear is one of the most powerful emotions humans are capable of feeling. After all, it is fear that keeps us away from potential “threats”. Neuroscientists have been researching the human brain for centuries now, yet we have only scratched the surface of the labyrinth of our minds. Fear can be experienced on a large … Read more

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