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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Life Coach?

Hiring a life coach can be a life-changing decision.

A professional life coach has the knowledge, the tools, and the commitment to help you find new ways to achieve your goals and that’s what makes them so important. A few decades ago the idea of having a coach was not very common, but life is not the same as it was then.

The idea behind this concept is that you get guidance and feedback in areas of life we usually neglect or just have a hard time dealing with, on top of that, it helps us by making us accountable for our own progress. 

Before diving into the benefits of having a coach let’s answer two important questions:

  • How does life coaching work?
  • Do I need a Life Coach?

How Does Life Coaching Work?

Coaching works as a form of therapy, but not in the traditional sense. There are many different coaching styles but most of the time you won’t require to sit for an hour speaking about yourself, instead, you’ll work along with your coach to find what actually works for you. Due to the “intimate” relationship between you and your coach, compatibility is going to play an important role here as well.

Besides that, coaching works in a specific and structured way to find out what drives you, what your goals are, and what your limitations are. Based on that information they will help you create a custom plan and make sure you set the right goals and align them with your core values.

Like many other structured plans, this is not a set-and-forget strategy. As time passes and you work towards your goals, there will be new limitations that will need to be addressed. The plan will need some adjustments to adapt to your new self. 

Measuring progress is key and each step of the plan will be focused to meet your goals.

Do I need a life coach?

Not everyone can say that they’re performing at their full potential every single day, and that’s fine because not even a machine can perform at 100% of its capacity for a long period of time. However, the majority of people don’t even perform at half their full potential.

It’s no secret that having a coach has helped many people turn their lives around and it’s also interesting to note that successful people are the ones that usually hire coaches. This can be attributed to the fact that successful people want faster and better results.

If you’re aware that there are areas in which you can really improve and feel ready to take some action then you definitely need a coach. 

Look at it as if it was a very successful form of life therapy.

Proven Benefits Of Having A Life Coach

Coaching sessions are directed towards your personal growth, helping you focus your attention on your goals and who you want to be. This can be achieved through powerful self-exploratory questions and exercises that will help you face the negative feelings and habits that are holding you back, then replace them with positive ones. According to Fredrickson (2013), generating positive emotions will lead you to an “upward spiral”.

These positive emotions are also cultivated through space you create with your coach, so the relationship you have will greatly impact your progress. For this reason, the relationship should also be tailored to your needs, whether you want direct guidance or you’re more autonomous and feel more comfortable making the major decisions.

Some of the emotions that are cultivated through coaching include inspiration, pride, gratitude, serenity, and joy, and there are more. It is for this reason that coaching is not limited to the corporate environment because it can virtually help you change every aspect of your life.

Purpose & Clarity:

One of the most influential aspects of coaching is the ability to identify and clarify your vision and goals from an unbiased perspective. This will help you set realistic and attainable goals to make radical changes in your life by tapping into your strengths.The same clarity of purpose will allow you to easily overcome all the challenges and the unexpected situations that life throws at you.

Become More Efficient:

Once you have a purpose and your goals are clarified it becomes easier to exploit your strengths while working on your flaws. A plan that takes these characteristics in mind will not only work more efficiently but will also help you increase your productivity through accountability.

The search for constant improvement and an increase in efficiency is what pushes countless companies to hire coaches for their teams. Time after time, this has shown to have a direct impact on sales and other processes that directly contribute to business growth.

Strengthen Your Relationships:

Through self-discovery and personal growth, coaching has a positive impact on other areas of life. It is well known that leaders are able to create and nurture strong relationships even outside the working environment. 

Achieving such high levels of commitment and passion in every area of your life will lead you to a healthier path in which limiting beliefs are not holding you back anymore. If you have a family, for example, it’ll become easier to balance your personal and professional life, without ever sacrificing anything.

Hiring A Life Coach

Knowing all the benefits that a good coach can offer you it’s easy to understand why hiring them has become such a common practice. However, before you start working with one you first need to find a life coach you feel comfortable with. “Where do I find a life coach?” is probably not the best question to ask yourself, rather you should ask “Who is the right life coach for me?”. 

Since this relationship goes beyond that of a simple therapist, you’ll get the most benefits out of a coach that you resonate with. After all, you’re hiring them to help you overcome whatever is holding you back and help you see what your limitations are. You are hiring them to become the best you can be!

Once you’re on the right tracks, you’ll start seeing how your life improves. Then, one day you’ll look back and say to yourself: “I’m glad I made that choice.”

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