What is your Purpose in Life?


About 7.8 billion people are living on this planet. It is not uncommon to feel lost and discouraged sometimes, and it’s hard not to think that we might not even have a purpose. After all, how is it possible that every single person in the world has a purpose in life?  The good news is … Read more

What Is Love?


Love is complex. Throughout the ages, love has inspired poets, scientists and conquerors alike. It’s the source of inspiration from which poems, paintings, songs, and even architectural masterpieces have been conceived. Yes, love is probably one of the most influential emotions that humans know, but it has different meanings and interpretations throughout the distinct cultures, … Read more

What Is Faith?


We often find ourselves living in an ever-growing society, and as it grows things get more and more complicated. It turns out that the world is a very competitive and challenging place, consequently, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves lost and full of doubts when facing struggle or failure. Not everybody is living the life … Read more

Why Is Resilience Valuable In Life?


Life is certainly not easy. When we are born, we’re not provided with instructions on how to live, how to face struggle, and how to be happy. But even when facing the most devastating storm in our lives, we are always able to find our way out. That capacity to thrive despite the hard times … Read more

What Is Success? 

Have you ever asked yourself what success is? If you look up for the word in the Cambridge dictionary you’ll find yourself with the next definition: “(the prosperity gained by) the achievement of an aim or purpose”.  The vast majority of us, humans, spend our lives trying to achieve goals related to careers  or social-economical … Read more

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