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What Is Faith?

We often find ourselves living in an ever-growing society, and as it grows things get more and more complicated. It turns out that the world is a very competitive and challenging place, consequently, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves lost and full of doubts when facing struggle or failure. Not everybody is living the life they wanted, and sometimes it’s because they’ve been giving up their dreams as soon as they find adversity. 

Cambridge’s Dictionary Definition of Faith 

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, faith is:


  • Great trust or confidence in something or someone.


In other words, we call faith the act of believing in someone or something, whether it is real or not. Whether it’s from a religious point of view or a more spiritual one, humans need faith to endure all life adversities. You can have faith in a person, faith in god, or faith in an idea. After all, believing is what helps us keep walking even when the road is dark.

Having Faith In Oneself

Since the moment we are born, and without needing anyone to teach us, we learn to trust our parents. Whenever something happens, we trust in them and believe that they can help us–we have faith in them. The same way we can have faith in our parents, we can have faith in our partners, friends, and even our own ideas.

When we’re younger we do not perceive these behaviors, faith and trust is there, as if it was part of ourselves. But as we grow, we tend to be more aware of our thoughts; which can be both a good and a bad thing because when someone feels that their trust was betrayed they tend to stop trusting. Learning to identify the positive aspects of having faith in someone or in oneself, can bring countless benefits into our lives.

Believe In Yourself, And The Rest Will Fall Into Place

One of the reasons why we sometimes struggle dealing with adversity is lack of faith in ourselves. Having faith in ourselves will prevent our boat from sinking in the sea of doubts–It is another tool that allows us to achieve what we want. Many times it is not easy to build that trust in ourselves or have faith in our actions, but it is far from impossible.

It can be really hard to build trust in ourselves when we are full of doubts about our worth or abilities. Nevertheless, having faith in ourselves can lead us to a better way of living. 

As we grow older, our faith starts to evolve into something deeper and stronger. We start to pin our faith in things, persons, religions. But, important as it is, this type of faith depends entirely on external agents. As living beings, we need to have faith in something, and we have to keep in mind that there is another type of faith that depends entirely on us. Faith in ourselves.

Training Our Inner Voice.

From a practical point of view, there’s no big science behind this. There’s an external part of our conscience that is strongly influenced by society or environment and a deeper part of our conscience that “talks” to us when we need to take life changing decisions, when we feel in doubt or fear. 

Some people call it ‘gut instincts’, others call it the ‘voice of reason’. Whatever it is that you call it, the fact is that having a voice inside our heads trying to “lead us” in life is an everyday experience. Learning to have faith in ourselves, and teaching our ‘inner voice’ to support that belief is a big step into building an overall better life. 

How Can Faith Change Your Life?

Faith, resilience, the ability to stay optimistic, the ability to manage stress are all tools that can have a positive impact in your life. This doesn’t mean that things will get easier or that you will never experience any hardship again. It just means that you’ll be better prepared to face adversity.

Learning to master that faith in yourself and your dreams is something that requires time, and instead of seeing it as a goal, you should see this as a journey without an end. Every day of your life you need to practice and focus on your goals and dreams, and when you feel you’re getting stuck in life use that faith to keep you moving. 

Faith Can Give You The Clarity

Life is full of uncertainty, and situations we can’t control, but worrying about what we can’t control is as productive as trying to cover the sun with your finger. Faith can give you the clarity to focus on the things that are important. Without faith, all these situations just hinder our ability to see a brighter future. 

So, practice your faith. It can give you the empowerment to face even our deepest fears–People who trust themselves and their instincts are more likely to perform better on tasks they once failed versus people who don’t. Everything we need to succeed lies within us: power, strength, love and faith. 

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