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What is your Purpose in Life?

About 7.8 billion people are living on this planet. It is not uncommon to feel lost and discouraged sometimes, and it’s hard not to think that we might not even have a purpose. After all, how is it possible that every single person in the world has a purpose in life? 

The good news is that everybody has a purpose and everybody can find it. Finding it and fighting for it can lead you to a road of success and fulfillment. 


For some, their purpose in life can be to achieve happiness, for others it can be to leave a legacy, to find love, or to become a millionaire. The truth is that most of these purposes have one thing in common, they all give us reasons to exist, to believe that we can achieve happiness and self-realization. 

Your life purpose consists then of the motivating aims that will lead you to success. It can be defined as your ultimate goal in life and it’s different for each of us. Your purpose lies within you. It is shaped by the things we believe in and our values. 

Finding that purpose can be very easy for some. But for others, it can take years.

There’s no magic recipe. Finding your purpose is something that requires work and effort.

Why is it so important?

Having a sense of purpose in life can drive you to a better and satisfying future. It will allow you to recognize your achievements and learn from failure. Identifying and assimilating that purpose has many benefits. For instance, it can help you live a more happy and meaningful life. You’ll be able to know who you really are, where you are, and where you’re going.

Here are some examples of the benefits of having a strong sense of your purpose in life:

Enhancing physical health

Statistics have shown that people with a high sense of their purpose in life tend to live longer, plus it can help to some degree with the prevention of heart disease. Further, people with a strong sense of purpose in life are highly associated with better handling of pain.

Improving relationships

People with a purpose in their lives are usually more engaged with family, friends, and neighbors. Moreover, they tend to pay more attention to their loved ones. 

Building resilience

Having a purpose in life can help you build resilience because it can give the tools to handle emotions better and learn from them by finding meaning in all the things that happen to you and understanding that failure is part of life too.


Knowing your purpose in life will make you gain clarity on the path you want to follow to achieve your ultimate goal.

Discovering your purpose in life

It’s OK to have no idea of what to do in life but having a purpose will help you to create meaning – a reason to exist, to fight for – by forming goals, guide your life decisions, give a sense of direction and impact your behavior. 

Finding what you are passionate about in life can take time and more importantly it is something that evolves and depends only on you. It is important to keep in mind that as we grow older, our purpose in life can change and be reshaped into other objectives as a response to our experiences.

For instance, it can be helpful to ask ourselves:


  • Who am I?
  • What makes me feel happy?
  • What do I want to achieve? 
  • Where do I want to go? 


These questions are helpful, but just asking yourself this is not enough. As said before, being able to find your purpose in life is something that needs your attention. It requires time and patience, but it can be done, one step a time. 

Here some of the strategies that you can apply in order to find your purpose in life:

  • Explore Your Interests & Find The Things You Love

This can be done very easily and know it can bring a lot of benefits. Is there something that you like to talk about? Is there something you like to do often? Once you have explored your interests, finding the things you love to do in life can be easier. Think about all your talents and then try to turn them into something that’s meaningful to you. Your purpose in life may be hidden in between your life interests

  • Surround Yourself With Positive People & Accept Feedback

Surrounding yourself with positive people can not only impact your behavior but it can enhance your willingness to achieve your goals and keep fighting in spite of struggle. Listening to what others have to say is also helpful. It can give you insights on how you’re performing and what you can do better. It might also reveal things that can help you find your purpose. There’s a chance that people around you have noticed those things that you’re passionate about and you haven’t even realized it. 

  • Help Others In Need But Take time to yourself

Whether it’s volunteering at a shelter or giving meals to the ones in need, doing something goodhearted for others can help you find meaning in your life. While you’re helping others, also take time to reflect on yourself. It is completely fine to pause sometimes. Having time for ourselves, paying attention to our needs, and analyzing what we have accomplished is an important part of the journey. 

  • Create a Statement

Having clear goals will help you define your purpose in life. Combine those goals in order to create a statement and you might find yourself with a clear purpose in life. Things will not get easier, but you’ll have a good sense of direction that will allow you to focus better.

Finding Your Purpose In Life Is A Lifelong Journey

It will take you time and it’s definitely not going to be easy. There will be times in which you’ll fail others, some days you might feel overwhelmed or powerless. But, remember you’ll get there. There’s no rush, take your time. It’s important to rest too, remember that health is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being. 

Work hard on improving yourself and everything you want to achieve will become a reality. 

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