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What is Hope?

Pliny the Elder had said, “Hope is the pillar that holds up the world. Hope is the dream of a waking man.”

Indeed! Hope is that one expectation, that one craving or desire, that archaic sense of trust that urges the individual to go on. Even after the darkest of nights, it’s the sunrise that gives one the hope to push forward.

Science ranks hope in terms of an “individual’s goal-oriented expectations”. Going beyond positive psychology, literature defines hope as something as subtle and soft as a wish; anticipation to live a cherished desire in earnest.

Speaking from a spiritually inclined perspective, the individual gets hope from their calm and steady faith in the supreme powers. Through the external manifestation of their hope in prayers, they keep preaching that good things will eventually happen.

A common error is taking hope for optimism. It is true that optimists fill the ‘happy-go-lucky,’ ‘hopeful’ checklist but it is not unusual for a pessimist to turn towards hope during dire times. Hope also turns out to be very specifically related to a particular issue in its individual entirety.

When Lenon said, “Imagine all the people living life in peace”, we saw a dream. That’s hope! A picture of a present desire in a visioned portrait of a future reality. A motivation to take steps towards a much longed cherished end.

Hope in Our Life

Often hope touches us and slips through the fingers before we know it. Sometimes it leaves its slightest touch in the petrichor. Sometimes it’s an overwhelming deluge of emotions after days of burdening numbness.

Sometimes hope is manifested through prayers. Sometimes it is music that urges an individual that life is not worth giving up on. For some, hope takes the shape of abundance of a certain material. Sometimes it is the simple hope of emotional fulfillment that promises the individual that it is worth it!

It is absolutely essential to mention that people often seek out religion for hope, in the darkest of times. Sometimes they’ve mourned their loved ones in the ethereal charm of the deity, hoping that the deity would look after their departed darlings.

Prayers and chants have been prominent manifestations of hope and calm, for long.

Why is Hope Important in Life?

Remember what Laini Taylor said? “Hope can be a powerful force. Maybe there’s no actual magic in it, but when you know what you hope for most and hold it like a light within you, you can make things happen, almost like magic.”

Yes! Hope is the magic gifted to humans! A ‘magic’ so subtle, that it’s often a camouflaged grin under the labels of ‘dream’, ‘belief’ etc.

Well, it has always been agreed upon that a word as positive as ‘hope’ is intricately laced with negative connotations.

From Pandora’s Box to the grim determination to see to the end of something, hope is perceived to have a hint of negativity attached to it. Even if it’s a hope for the best, there’s always the accompanying fear of “if not”.

However, hope is very essential to daily life. Trudging through an everyday 9 to 5 job isn’t easy. It’s often the hope of remuneration or promotion that encourages one.

It is very important to have a goal, and it is hope that proves to be a fundamental tug towards achieving that goal.

Not only does hope prove to be a drive, but hope is also one of the simplest pleasures of life. A dream of a wooden cabin, a forever to be lived with one’s better half, a walk down the boulevard with one’s child…all of these are hopes towards a day dreamt tomorrow.

Coming to the more serious aspects, when one loses hope, one loses their sense of purpose. This leads to increased cases of chronic depression and suicide. The individual feels a cold emptiness when they look for a reason to hold on to life.

Interesting fact, pessimists have often turned to hope themselves. Well, they do push themselves forward with the hope that they would prove ‘mindless optimism’ wrong.

However, it is very wrong to assume that a pessimist is always hopeless. They do look forward to things in life. It’s just that their way of visioning turns out to be mostly skeptical.

What Can Hope Do?

Hope is more important to us than we can fathom. Four letters hold a humongous amount of hushed power. Hope is, in other words, a literal reason for us to live.

To begin with, hope is that one thing that comforts an individual. It makes them believe that though the present times seem to be very hard, better times are on their way.

It is a part of everyone’s everyday, even though we fail to see it. A hope can be at an hour’s distance, or it can be ages away. But it is hope that makes sure that we push through everyday.

Even in the most dreadful times, when one sees nothing but the looming pain of crushing failures, it is that one hope that holds the potential to save a person’s life. Broken pieces can be put together with the hope of future achievements; a motivation to strive and achieve.

Percey Shelley left a very important life message in his poem, ‘Ode to the West Wind,’ “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”

Through the ages, through war and sickness, through pain and destruction, it is hope that has motivated millions to cope, to keep the work going.

Hope has weaved visions of cherished tomorrows, since forever. Hope has brought about revolutions.

Hope has saved lives. Hope has built a civilization after the destruction of another.

Hope has always warmed the hearts of many with the promise that there’s no better time than now to start towards a desired goal. Hope is the reminder that tomorrow’s a new day, and it’s always only a day away.

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