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What is so Important about Community?

Let’s start by stating that a sense of “belongingness” gets fulfilled when you are a part of a community.

Humans, since the beginning of time, have been a part of a community to achieve certain goals. Growing up, our identity and values were largely shaped by the community we identified ourselves with.

A good community is a group of individuals that help you become your best self as well as a great team player. What separates a good community from a bad one is the happiness derived from the interactions that take place within the commune. It is a shame that some communities promote the opposite agenda.

Any sort of group cannot be called a community, some factors listed below make a community.

Characteristics of a community

Common goal

All communities are set up to accomplish a goal; they harness the energy and hard work of all the individuals to come together as one. Usually, it represents the individuals that are part of it. One of the biggest goals can be the representation of the individuals in a favorable light in society.

Individuals contribute in various ways to help their community achieve these objectives.

Policies and Guidelines

All communities have a set number of policies and guidelines, and the members need to abide by them. These obligations are set in place to keep the agenda as well as members of the community in check. They are not heavily imposed on them, but rather encouraged. This can include raising funds for a communal event.


All communities have leaders, some good and some maybe not so much! They are elected by the people of the community to represent them. They analyze all the options at their disposal and select the appropriate candidate. A good leader can lead the community towards a better future. An example of a great leader is Nelson Mandela.

Freedom of Speech

A good community promotes freedom of speech. It allows its members to express their opinions in a free and fair manner. It assures that no opinion is biased in any shape or form. Also, those members who speak their minds about an issue feel more connected to the community.


Some communities promote diversity. Many people from different backgrounds come together and join hands to achieve a common goal. An example could be that a community whose goal is to promote awareness about climate change. So, they can openly invite like-minded individuals from all over the world with the help of social media platforms.

Decision making

It is only natural for a community to have inner conflicts, especially between the members. The leader comes to aid in this scenario. He/She hears out both sides of the conflict, takes into account the concern of the members then takes effective measures to resolve them.

Why is Community Important?

As a person, there are some restrictions as to what we can achieve individually. Some goals are meant to be achieved by joint effort. It’s a chain of people inspiring each other to reach one common destination. This is the reason why the existence of good communities is important.

The beautiful thing about a good community is that some members make up for what the others lack and vice versa. This helps to create a bond between the members and allows them to freely share their thoughts without judgment. People feel happy and encouraged, therefore, contributing to the growth of the community.

The importance of a community is that it gives you a chance to be a part of something larger than life. The idea of achieving a goal as a community and making a difference in society can boost the self-worth of many young individuals. It becomes a safe place for them to share thoughts and concerns.

Every person comes with a different set of skills and a good community will help them utilize it in a way that benefits the society at large.

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