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How Do You Achieve Your Heart’s Desire?

For many of us, achieving our heart’s desires is something that sometimes seems impossible. Most people have had doubts about what they really want and what they can actually achieve. It’s not uncommon to feel like you’re not going to be able to do what you really want. Even worse, it is not uncommon to feel like you don’t even know what you want.

We all have desires. We all have preferences, needs, thoughts, wants, and dreams. As humans, we have a certain understanding of the world around us and complete autonomy over our actions. Even when you feel pressured and lost in life, you know that deep down inside, there’s something that you really want and desire.

The reason we don’t know

If you have ever felt that you have no dreams or desires, it is only natural to worry and ask yourself “How is it possible that I don’t even know what I want to do?” 

The first logical move is to re-discover what you want to do. A lot of people live their lives having no clue about it. Without giving it a second thought, they do what they think they should, they follow orders and try to accommodate someone else’s expectations. After a while, their dreams end up being just a memory.

It might sound ridiculous but forgetting about your dreams and desires is almost like forgetting a key or losing your wallet. You realize you left them somewhere right when you need them, and sometimes you can’t even remember where. You just realize that it’s missing. 

We tend to ignore the signs and focus on things that don’t really benefit us. You go to a work you don’t like, you start comparing yourself to others, and when you realize, you’re just unhappy and don’t know what to do about it.

How to Know What You Want?

If you want to achieve your heart’s desire, it’s only logical to first know what you want. 

Most people have no idea (or interest in knowing) their heart’s desires. They do what they’re supposed to do, just like machines. But if you ask them, they will tell you that this is a pretty horrible way to live their lives.

Unfortunately knowing what you want is not that simple. If it was simple we wouldn’t even have a hard time picking up a place for dinner. However, there are some things that you can do to help you figure it out.

You Are Your Number One Priority

Being kind of selfish in certain situations can really help you. This does not mean that you’re not going to help anyone in need, or that you are only going to do things for yourself and no one else, but having yourself as a priority will take a load off your back. Once you are able to see things more clearly, without worrying about the rest of the world, finding your true desire becomes easy.

Face Your Fears

This is not an easy step but if you want to find out what your dreams are and achieve them, it is completely necessary. Fear is a basic human response that has influenced our decision since the beginning of our time. It is not a bad thing to feel afraid, but you must never let it take control of your life. Fear is probably one of the biggest reasons why we tend to let our dreams aside and focus on what’s safe.

Let Go Of Your Negative Thoughts

We all have negative thoughts from time to time. Having negative thoughts is not bad, is normal. What’s not normal is to let these thoughts take over your mind and drive your actions. Ruminating happens when you let a single thought play in your head again and again, and when that happens, this simple idea becomes your whole. This is not only mentally draining but it can also lead you away from your dreams.

Focus On What You Need – Not What You Think You Want

This can get confusing, but we tend to want many things throughout our lives. The fact that we want something does not mean that we need it, or that it is our heart’s desire. Let’s say you want the latest cellphone for example. Does this mean that you need it? Probably not. Will this really make you feel fulfilled? Definitely not. It will just make you feel good for a while and you’ll probably want to buy the next model a few months later.

So, focusing on what you really need will also give you the clarity to focus on what you really want. Instant gratification will get you nowhere when it comes to your true desire. 

As you learn to let go of that which adds nothing to your life, you also learn to identify those things that add value to your life. By doing this, you ultimately learn to identify your dreams and goals, making it easier for you to follow the necessary steps to achieve it.

Achieving Your Heart’s Desire

Like many other things related to self-improvement and living a fulfilled life, achieving your heart’s desire is a process rather than just a goal. Once you achieve what you feel today is your dream, this is most likely going to evolve, forcing you to follow a new path. That’s how life is, after all, a never-ending adventure. It’s easier to enjoy the road than to wait until you reach your goal.

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