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What is Hope?

Pliny the Elder had said, “Hope is the pillar that holds up the world. Hope is the dream of a waking man.” Indeed! Hope is

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What Is Love?

Love is complex. Throughout the ages, love has inspired poets, scientists and conquerors alike. It’s the source of inspiration from which poems, paintings, songs, and

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What Is Faith?

We often find ourselves living in an ever-growing society, and as it grows things get more and more complicated. It turns out that the world

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What Is Success? 

Have you ever asked yourself what success is? If you look up for the word in the Cambridge dictionary you’ll find yourself with the next

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self compassion

What is Self-compassion?

Self-compassion has been thoroughly studied over the last decade, and its numerous benefits one people’s well-being are very clear and tangible. More satisfaction, happiness, better

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How To Get Rid Of Overthinking?

Every person who has ever suffered from this unhealthy behavior has asked himself “how not to overthink?”. Thinking about something in endless circles is exhausting

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