7 Tips For Living a Well Balanced Life

well balanced life

As we move forward with our lives, whether trying to find a purpose or to achieve all of our goals, we also find ourselves balancing various elements in our lives. Social, interpersonal, and personal aspects, as well as our professional development, relationships, mental and physical health; Put this way it seems like a lot to … Read more

What Is Freedom Of Expression?


Freedom of expression refers to the ability of a person or a group of such persons to express, share and articulate their beliefs, opinions, views, and ideas without the fear of any kind of legal action by the government. Constitutions of many countries have made special provisions for the freedom of expression of their citizens. … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Overthinking?


Every person who has ever suffered from this unhealthy behavior has asked himself “how not to overthink?”. Thinking about something in endless circles is exhausting at the least, and can lead to serious issues if not addressed properly. It’s a mentally draining and destructive behavior that will often make you feel like you’re stuck in … Read more

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