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I’m a Programs Manager/Opinion Leader

I’m a Programs Manager/Opinion Leader Supervisor and working with Kelly Voorhees as my Life Coach has helped me understand and utilize healthy communication skills, which resulted in growth in completing tasks, setting and reaching both short and long term goals. I would most definitely recommend Kelly Voorhees if you’re looking for a Life Coach who is thorough, allowing you to validate who you are.

Alicia Starr Graham
Supervisor/Programs Manager, Arvada, CO

Kelly has supported me as

Kelly has supported me as a strategic thinking partner through the transition from medicine residency to practice. Her caring and egoless coaching has challenged my status quo while allowing me to think for myself and open my mind to new possibilities. I’ve become more effective as a leader and have an action plan in place moving forward thanks to my partnership with Kelly.

David Stuart
MD, Family Medicine Physician, Grand Junction, CO

Working with Kelly has helped

Working with Kelly has helped me grow in self-awareness and self-care as I define my long-term career goals. I have explored and improved my leadership skills and most importantly worked on my self-growth to align my approach with who I am and who/where I want to be. I absolutely recommend Kelly as a life coach- she truly cares and is supportive without any judgement.

Physician, Aurora, CO

Since working with Kelly, I

Since working with Kelly, I have improved my ability to recognize triggers in my life that would normally cause fear to take over and prevent me from achieving both my personal and professional goals. I feel empowered to be able to substitute proactive behaviors that will help me stay on the path to leading a healthier and more balanced life using the techniques I have learned with Kelly’s guidance.

Colleen M.
Aurora, CO

Since coaching with Kelly, I’ve

Since coaching with Kelly, I’ve grown so much in my ability to acknowledge and emphasize not only my own strengths, but those of others. This has truly transformed the way I interact with others and has shifted the way I respond to difficult situations, making me much more open and effective in my career and personal life.

E. Darrell
MPH, Fort Collins, CO

I have lots of opportunities

I have lots of opportunities to utilize coaching every day with my employees. When I train a dental assistant chair-side, they hear me ask “what’s next?” at least 100 times a day.
It occurred to me recently that this is a form of coaching. It’s effective, it’s empowering, and I wasn’t employing it in any other area of training them. Thanks to my leadership program and my own personal coaching, I now wait as long as possible for them to tell me what’s next, rather than me telling them.
When they don’t have any ideas right off the bat, I’ve practiced saying, when appropriate, “This is not an immediate problem and it’s one that you can take some time to think about how to best resolve. I know that you have the answer within. I’m here to support you and I trust that you can do this.” I learned these words of affirmation through my coaching with Kelly; acknowledgement and reassurance are truly empowering in this setting!

In the past three months of doing this, I have observed all of them taking more risks, affirming one another more often, and have yet for them come back to me with anything less than an acceptable plan moving forward. It has improved my work attitude, enhanced our team dynamic, reduced my work load, instilled more confidence within my team in themselves, and has translated to better patient care. I consider this a huge win for coaching.

DDS, Fort Collins, CO

Kelly supported me through a

Kelly supported me through a year of significant change, both personally and professionally. I learned to let go of all the things I thought I “should” do and instead do all the things I was meant to do. She helped me explore my own goals and values that released me to decide for myself what came next.

Robin Dickinson, MD
Englewood, Colorado

As a professional performer in

As a professional performer in classical music, I have been working with Kelly for more than two years, to move beyond my fears and fullfill my potential. With warmth, wit and empathy, Kelly has guided me through the tools of the fearless living program and I have grown tremendously and learned alot about myself, professionally, and personally. I can use the principles of the program in every day situations aswell as in big, challenging moments, and I have first and foremost learned to find my voice and express my heart. I have gained deeper and more fulfilling relationships, both personally and professionally, and I have found my voice and freedom and joy in performing One of my biggest accomplishments through fearless living, was to heal and find an honest and deep relationship with my father before he past away in June of 2019.
I highly recommend working with Kelly for anyone who are looking to learn about themselves and how to gain deeper, more meaningfull and joyfull experiences in all areas of life.

Cellist, Copenhagen, Denmark

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